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Who are we ?

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Our Points of Sale

Our shop l'Atelier des Algues is based on the island of Molène.

This point of sale is our showcase, built like a wooden chalet located on the port, it welcomes you as soon as you leave the boat.

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It is also a workshop, because it is here that we harvest seaweed in a sustainable way. We are on a manual harvesting process totally respectful of the resource.

The Molénais staff who work at the Workshop make sure to pass on this ethics to you and are always happy to answer any questions you may have about our manufacturing processes. 


Our partners

We are committed to sharing the products of our partners in our shop. Thus, depending on the season, we present to you; products, food products made from seaweed or care products from our partners such as Océan Héritage.

Ocealys works with partners invested in an eco-design approach and sharing the same ethical sense for the development of their local products and their ranges of care.

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Ocean Heritage 

A range of innovative and natural treatments.

Fresh and pure sea water, marine spring water, and a selection of brown and red algae and sea flowers: these products contain only 100% natural ingredients, marine active ingredients that your skin recognizes. Zero additives, only the essentials: all you have to do is dive in!

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