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Our Algalys Range

100% natural mullein marine plant care


The Concept of the Range

ALGALYS, a 100% natural marine cosmetic care line, is designed as a journey to the heart of the senses. Regaining strength and vitality, fighting against the stress that disturbs the body and mind, reviving the natural mechanisms of cells for skin with renewed energy, such is the philosophy of ALGALYS. An invitation to well-being to respond to the need to recharge ones batteries through the purity of an original nature.


The treatments involve a ritual of beauty, fitness and energy recovery. They respond to the lack of nature on oneself, due to the conditions of urban life or stress. They combine efficiency and sensoriality, while respecting the environment through the use of a resource controlled on the island of Molène.
The formulas are multi-sensory, created on bases 100% of natural origin and respecting an eco-design approach. The products are tested under dermatological control, to meet perfect skin tolerance and manufactured according to ISO standards.


Science is still discovering today the real regenerative and protective powers of these mineral riches which link the human body so well to the sea. Mineral salts and trace elements represent less than 1% of the mass of our body, they are yet essential. They act as biocatalysts in vital biological reactions. They attack the root causes of aging: stress, free radicals, UV damage, collagen depletion. The purity of the water in the Iroise Marine Park, the richness of its seaweed are natural resources which enter into the composition of all the formulas, in perfect balance with the epidermis.


“A journey to the heart of the senses”

Care ritual

Download our care ritual here.

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Organic marine cosmetic products from Brittany

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